Shipping policy

Normally, we will distribute it free of shipping to meet the order of $39.【shipping of small post(Tariff self payment)】
Normally, we will send small posts use SFEXPRESS and CHINA POST.In this case, if there is a tariff, it is necessary to pay the tariff by oneself and the local customs.We will also reduce the actual value of our products when sending packages to reduce the possibility of tariffs.
If the package is returned due to a refusal, we will no longer accept orders and payments for this information.
Generally, we can reach your country within 20 days after shipment.But the actual time of transportation varies according to each country.Average arrival time is 10-20 days
In addition, there are individual cases where mail will exceed 20 days of transport time.If this happens, please contact us for processing.Please be assured that the loss of express delivery caused by express company will be sent to you free of charge.
In addition, orders containing ordered goods need to be delivered after the ordered goods can be shipped.
In addition, you can choose to add money to choose a faster EMS transportation service.This is the business of the Universal Postal Union.
In general, you will use EMS:
It can guarantee the safety of transportation and the priority of loss.
Faster speed and better service.
The advantages of local postal distribution and inquiry.
We recommend that you use EMS for shipping.
Japanese guests use CHINA EXPRESS (a type of EMS service) launched by China Post for transportation.
Fast, cheap, is the best way to transport.
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